The American Academy of Revenue Cycle Consultants "AARCC"
The leaders in training and providing education to RCM Companies!

AARCC is the largest training, coaching, and credentialing organization for Revenue Cycle Management companies throughout the United States. AARCC’s members are business entrepreneurs who own Medical Billing, Coding, and Consulting companies serving physician and corporate owned healthcare organizations in all 50 states. 


Through our business training, continuing education, and networking events, we provide countless opportunities for industry entrepreneurs to expand their business while connecting healthcare organizations with professional RCM companies who have passed the AARCC certification.

Billing Training

Training for AARCC certification covers the complete revenue cycle, including filing insurance claims, billing and collecting patient receivables, insurance verification, EHR integration into the billing process and practice workflow, patient well-care and follow-up, and any other aspects of the cash flow in any healthcare organization.

Billing Tools

From Practice Management Systems to suggested pricing AARCC members have access to medical billing tools, software, and forums. In addition our members receive discounts with many of our partner companies.

Billing Support

AARCC has access to ongoing support through a nationwide network of experienced healthcare professionals, including advisor M.D. 's, certified coders, certified healthcare billers, certified credentialing specialists, and medical office practice managers.

For Businesses

Looking to be recognized as an RCM leader certified by The AARCC? Learn more about our programs. 

For Physicians

Seeking a new outsourced RCM provider for your practice? A certified AARCC business gives you peace of mind!

Upcoming Events

From regional to national events – see where you can find an AARCC event near you. 



Webinars are held for members on a quarterly basis covering trends and are delivered by industry leading experts. 

Suggested Reading

Our members have access to a library of books that are designed to support emerging businesses.