Membership to the American Academy of Revenue Cycle Consultants is for Corporate Executives representing a firm. 

To join, prospective members must meet certain qualifications.

A candidate for membership shall be an individual who:

Benefits of becoming a Member

Networking Opportunities

One of the most important benefits to any Association member is the interaction among members. Every member is an "active" member, willing to share with other members his/her knowledge, experiences, and most of all, successful ideas. Our private group allows all members to interact with other members and share information pertinent to the revenue cycle management industry.


The American Academy of Revenue Cycle Consultants Certification program is one that sets the bar in healthcare for RCM consulting. Our Certification is recognized as a solid foundation for our entrepreneur's businesses.

Certification Logo Use

As an Association member, you can use the Association's name and certification logo on your stationery and other materials (pending the Executive Committee's approval of a member's request, in writing, in which the purpose and scope of the proposed use are detailed).

Member Discounts

We are continually adding new benefits for our Members. One of these benefits is an on-going promise to bring the best ancillary services at the lowest possible price. Allowing our members to offer lower than average rates to their clients.

The goal of AARCC is to make you the Expert who can maximize the revenue for medical practices, while having a healthy and profitable company.

‚ÄčEducational Webcasts

Ongoing education is vital to success in the medical industry. AARCC holds regular training webinars for members that cover a variety of topics, including:

Billing and coding, time management, ICD-10, Medicare auditing, Patient receivables, Denials and appeals, Practice management, HIPAA compliance, Telehealth, and more.

If you are interested in joining our Educational Team,
Contact Us and let us know what interest you have and what topics you would be interested in sharing.