American Academy of Revenue Cycle Consultants has demonstrated that we are fully equipped with the training, tools, and support to make practices more streamlined, efficient, and profitable. In addition, AARCC has completed training in how to start and manage a profitable medical revenue management company.  

AARCC serves across the nation and has implemented positive changes in cash flow & efficiency for thousands of practices using the processes, systems, and support of MBO (Medical Billing Opportunity) 

Medical Training

for AARCC certification covers the complete Training revenue cycle, including filing insurance claims, billing and collecting patient receivables, insurance verification, EHR integration into the billing process and practice workflow, patient well-care and follow-up, and any other aspects of the cash flow in any medical practice. Due to healthcare regulations constantly changing, CMRMs will have access to ongoing continuing education to keep them up-to-date on the latest industry changes and regulations with commercial and government agencies.

Medical Tools

Tools available to AARCC include award-winning cloud-based Practice Management/EHR/Patient Portal technology that completely integrates with all revenue cycle management functions required to run a solid and profitable practice. These systems will be incorporated with the current practice workflow to increase productivity and efficiency.

Medical Support

AARCC has access to ongoing support through an MBO nationwide network of experienced healthcare professionals, including advisor M.D. 's, certified coders, certified healthcare billers, certified credentialing specialists, and medical office practice managers.

AARCC comprehensively understands the total healthcare revenue cycle and business environment – both practice management and financial management.

Please contact us for detailed information on how to
become certified and the Association’s policies and procedures.